May 28, 2023

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UK Hotel promises to help those with a broken heart

The Heartbreak Hotel, managed by psychologist Alice Houghton and coach Ruth Field, offers residential retreats (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Everyone has their own technique for dealing with the heartbeat like going out with friends or drowning your sorrows in candy. But a UK hotel promises to offer a “transformation therapy” retreat to heal your broken heart.

The The Heartbreak HotelHosted by psychologist Alice Houghton and coach Ruth Field, the UK offers residential retreats designed for women at Barsham Barns, a private home located off the coast of Norfolk County.

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According to CNN, the program was launched in late 2021 and a maximum of eight women can attend the retreats, which take place from Friday to Monday. In addition to the therapeutic sessions, guests will also enjoy a menu of plant-based foods.

According to the founders, the group brings together women with similar experiences. Those interested in attending one of the Heartbreak Hotel Retreats should fill out a detailed questionnaire that can be found on the hotel’s website. Each withdrawal costs 2,500.

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