June 21, 2024

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Gaby and Terry watching their hands in a restaurant

Gaby and Terry watching their hands in a restaurant

Gaby Martins NS Terry They were caught leaving a restaurant on Sunday (15) in São Paulo. The singers were holding hands. The two separated this week.

Photos by Leo Franco / Agnews

On Friday (13) Terry was seen leaving the restaurant with a friend.

Fans are anticipating a possible reconciliation between the couple since the singer slandered photos with his ex-girlfriend. Additionally, he is seen wearing an engagement ring.

The termination information first appeared in Leo Dias’ column in the Metropolis newspaper. As for the journalist, Terry then said without going into details about what happened and the future of the two “We disagree. that happens “. Gabe then made the following statement:Yesterday we quarreled. I finish. So far I don’t know what will happen to us. We’re not doing well.”


Tuesday night (10) they sang together on Música Boa Ao Vivo. In fact, the singers’ performances were already scheduled before their breakup. Gabby Martins and Terry sang “Prentice” and during the performance they hugged and held hands. In the end, Teri kissed his ex-girlfriend on the forehead. Ivete Sangalo joked standing behind the singers “I’ll stay here to appear in print.”.

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