September 28, 2023

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Galaxy S22: Samsung's best compact phone with ups and downs |  Analysis / review

Galaxy S22: Samsung’s best compact phone with ups and downs | Analysis / review

After parsing the rest of the line, we finally got a file Galaxy S22. Is the cheapest new Samsung phones the best option? Let’s find out.

The Galaxy S22 is more compact than before and now has a glass back, unlike its predecessor with a plastic coating. It has the same file design S22 Plus It is very different from Ultra. The screen shrunk but kept the same quality and resolution. The brightness is slightly stronger and the refresh rate is wider when it is between 48 and 120 Hz. Stereo sound is powerful and has great sound quality.

Performance is at the expense of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 8 GB of RAM plus 4 GB of virtual RAM, which can be expanded up to 8 GB. The performance is disappointing because it is inferior to the others and even Galaxy S21. In benchmarks, we also had lower-than-expected numbers for a device this size and narrowly matched last year’s model. In games, everything runs at maximum, but it heats up a little.

The battery has shrunk and the autonomy is compromised. There was a significant drop and the charging time was not compensated for by the smaller battery; The 25W charger takes the same amount of time as before. Not to mention, the S22 doesn’t support a 45W charger like the rest.

The main camera records the most accurate images, while the telephoto is the one that makes the most progress among the generations. The broadband offers the same quality as before, but takes better photos at night thanks to the improvements made in the night mode. The camcorder records good quality, but focus is slower than other cameras in the line.

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Is it worth buying the Galaxy S22? If you’re in doubt between it and the Plus, we recommend paying a little extra for the larger model. If you own an S21 and intend to switch to the new one, we recommend waiting for the Galaxy S23. For more details, just check out the full review at the link below.

Galaxy S22 launched in Brazil in February 2022 by 5,999 BRLbut can be found in the best priced deals below: