May 30, 2024

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Galvão Bueno affected by Brazil's end against Chile: 'Brazil national team, I love you' |  Brazilian national team

Galvão Bueno affected by Brazil’s end against Chile: ‘Brazil national team, I love you’ | Brazilian national team

The end of TV Globo’s telecast for Brazil beat Chile 4-0This Thursday, at the Maracana, it was an emotional moment. In his farewell to the national team matches, Galvão Bueno was impressed and declared himself.

– Brazil national team, I love you!

Galvão Bueno was at the Maracana on Thursday night – Photo: clone

Galvão announced Thursday that he will be leaving narratives on TV Globo after the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar, in December, the period that coincides with the expiration of his contract with the broadcaster. After the match against Chile, the narrator gave many thanks.

Thank you all for the affection and the audience. I am experiencing a very special moment today, where Tite must live, where these players live, as the Brazilian team lives. I can only say thank you. To God, to Globo, to the Brazilian national team, to Brazilian football, all these years. And a match for the national team in the Maracana like this…so good! But there is a lot more to come until the World Cup,” he said.

Galvão Bueno, one of the greatest sports storytellers in the history of Brazilian television, will bid farewell after competing in the Middle East and finish the course that began at the company in 1981.

– We are talking, they are meetings in the sequence of what will take place after the World Cup. I really intend to dive into this digital world. We are negotiating stakes, a sequel on Globo, and other platforms. Globo is my home. I couldn’t get to the last broadcast of the Brazilian national team on open TV without mentioning it. “It’s a moment that will be very special, wonderful and full of emotion,” Galvão said.

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Globo Sports Director Renato Ribeiro highlighted the legacy Galvão will leave on Brazilian television and promised an unforgettable farewell.

Galvão is a communications genius who has reinvented the role of narrator in sports broadcasting. He will be there forever in the history of Brazilian television before and after Galvão. Together, we prepare a farewell befitting his history in the Qatar Cup. It will be unforgettable for Galvão and the audience.”