June 22, 2024

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São Paulo is taking a break from the market, focusing on its own team, and moving towards revamping key pieces |  Sao Paulo

São Paulo is taking a break from the market, focusing on its own team, and moving towards revamping key pieces | Sao Paulo

In the midst of decisions Paulista Championship And before the Technical Committee evaluates the representatives considering the Brasileirao dispute, the Board of Directors Sao Paulo The past few weeks have focused on agreeing to renew important contracts and sticking with other athleteswith pieces already considered essential in the team led by Rogerio Ceni.

Only this week, after qualifying for the state semi-finals, the club announced the renewal with Pablo Maia and agreed a new commitment with Luciano, who should sign the contract soon. Both will remain until the end of 2024.

Pablo Maya signed a new contract with Sao Paulo this week – Image: Disclosure

Pablo Maia earned the reward for his good performance early in his career as a professional. Captain of Sao Paulo in Copeña, the midfielder rose to prominence after the competition and quickly became a regular fixture with Rogerio Ceni. There were nine matches starting between 11.

On the other hand, Luciano took a reference position and had a positive relationship with the fans at the team’s matches in Morumbi. The striker, one of the fans’ most acclaimed strikers, had a contract until the end of the season, but had already laid the foundations to stay for another two years.

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Regarding the renovations, the Sao Paulo It is still gradually increasing its commitment to important “breeds” of Koutia. Juan has already signed a new contract until the end of 2024, while Marquinhos and Patrick, an important name in the U-20, are negotiating renewal.

In addition to offering new contracts, the board of directors is also trying to maintain the presence of important players, and ward off harassment from other clubs. Gabriel Sarah, a few months ago, saw the club turn down an offer of more than R$50 million from American football.

Sarah and Nestor are market targets, but are based in São Paulo at the moment – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

This week, it was the Brazilian domestic market that saw the emergence of Sao Paulo clings. Botafogo scrutinized the trio in relation to Rodrigo Nestor and made an offer of R$26 million. The first attack was immediately rejected, without any possibility of advancing.

This view of who’s there is also part of the current priority to ease financial problems with actors. The board wants to end disputes with players, regarding old agreements and image rights, before considering investing in third-party names.

Amid this scenario, the team defends the Paulista Championship title. Packed up, the team returned to the field on Sunday, 16:00 (Brasilia time), to face Corinthians, at Morumbi Stadium, in the state semi-finals.

– Photo: ge.globo