September 24, 2023

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Genshin Impact: Get 600 Protogems with the new game patch 2.4

Genshin Impact: Get 600 Protogems with the new game patch 2.4

The new 2.4 update is finally available on Genshin Impact! An opportunity to discover the news, but also to get 600 protogym.

By ScenarioMT with MGG FR

If you take a break from claiming Jinshin effectIt’s time to come back and enjoy the news! Thanks to the latest update 2.4, many features have been added to the game, including a new area called Enkanomiya that we have already talked about.

with the last Maintenance work In the game, Chinese developer MiHoYo offered a total of 600 Protogym Players as usual when there are new patches. You just need to open gifts directly on game email, After doing the update (too big of course). The award is divided into two separate messengers.

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These few free protograms will definitely allow you to take advantage of the tokens of two new Character Banners, which contain characters like Shenhe and Xiao.

After the update, the Asterion Store has also been refilled, so you can purchase additional Summoning Stones. Not to mention of course the new events and chests in this patch.

Will Genshin Impact play again with this patch? Does it help you get that extra protogem, or were you already addicted to it before this? We read to you in the comments.

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