June 21, 2024

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Germany, UK warn Russia against Ukraine attack

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a stern warning to Russia on Thursday against a military occupation of Ukraine.

In a telephone conversation last night, the two leaders agreed that “it is necessary to avoid Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine (…)”, but if that happens, “Russia should be aware that it will incur significant costs.” Serious, “the German Chancellor said in a statement.

Johnson’s spokesman said the two “shared their deep concern over Russia’s instability in Ukraine and declared any invasion a serious strategic mistake.”

“The Prime Minister stressed the importance of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) partners working together to achieve a unified response,” the spokesman added.

Reinforcing the statements made the previous day, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that if Russia decides to invade Ukraine this Friday (21), it will enter a “terrible pit” that could trigger a confrontation. Will eventually sink Moscow.

In a speech to Australia, Truss urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to avoid “a major strategic mistake.” According to him, the president “did not learn the lessons of history”.

“As we have seen in the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the conflict in Chechnya, the invasion will lead to a terrible catastrophe and loss of life,” he said.

He linked the strengthening of dictatorial regimes seeking to “export dictatorships” and called on allies to “take a step forward” in the face of this expansion.

The minister stressed that if an invasion took place, the consequences would be severe and severe Western sanctions could be imposed on finance and individuals.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has backed his ally and said Russia’s attitude “incites other persecutors and other dictatorships.”

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Truss’ trip comes amid diplomatic ties between Western powers and Russia to find a way out of the Ukraine crisis. According to the United States, tens of thousands of Russian troops are stationed on the border, ready to occupy Ukrainian territory.

Fears of an invasion have been growing for months. The White House said it believed the attack could take place “at any time.” Some military experts believe that Ukrainian forces can thwart Russian incursions.

A meeting between Russian and US diplomatic leaders Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blingen is taking place in Geneva this Friday.