June 21, 2024

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Crédito: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncell

War on Govt: US uses military to fight epidemic and conducts 500 million tests

BATTLE Front Army soldiers are responsible for assisting with the provision of health teams and hospitals. (Credit: AP Photo / Rich Petroncell)

In recent times, leather boots and camouflage uniforms, like the blue lab coats of health workers and rubber crocs sandals, have become as common in the hallways of the largest hospitals in the United States. Since Friday (14), the army of the planet’s largest military force has been working to help doctors control the progress of the Omigron variant in the country. By President Joe Biden’s decision, the military has provided logistical support to call centers to organize queues and test patients, as well as distribute food, water and medicine. The military is tasked with conducting more than 500 million tests (more than 330 million people in the U.S. population) and distributing masks that are highly effective in filtering air.

“Our goal is to purchase 1 billion tests to meet future demand and ensure virus control in the coming months,” Biden told a news conference. In the first phase, the six states most critical of hospital occupation will receive priority service from the military: Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island. In addition to military personnel, 120 military physicians have been assigned to strengthen health teams in ICUs. By the end of this month, according to President Biden, more than 1,000 military personnel will be involved in supporting doctors, nurses and hospitals.

Or Pitton’s plan There are more trials than those living in the United States. The president says mass testing is the solution. (Credit: AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

Part of the fight against the virus is encouraging home inspection. The exams will be mailed to the homes of Americans. Citizens who take a positive test will be able to retake the test at more than 20,000 test sites nationwide, and will be barred from attending work or school.

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According to Lauren Ansel Myers, an epidemiologist and professor of health management at the University of Texas, the most effective measures to prevent the spread of an infection are often mass testing, immediate isolation of victims, and vaccination. According to him, despite the high cost of obtaining tests and setting up maintenance structures, all the studies conducted so far prove that this approach is a great way to save lives and hospitalization and reduce the risk of death. “Looking costly becomes an economic benefit and a lifesaver.”

Patriotism President Biden appealed to the patriotic spirit of the American people to try to overcome the opposition of a section of the population to the more restrictive measures of isolation, use of masks and vaccines. “As I have been saying for the past two years, please wear masks.”

“Controlling the disease is part of your patriotism,” he said, before announcing a plan to distribute free, high-quality masks that are best for preventing infection. Experts say that KN95 and N95 masks protect better against the omega-3 variant than the fabric or surgical masks used by many.

As soon as Omigran appeared, there was a surge of infection. In recent days, there have been an average of 780,000 confirmations per day. Although this variation appears to cause less severe symptoms, the number of Americans hospitalized with Covid-19 has reached a record high of about 142,000.

Part of the problem was due to the holiday season, when the country began to record daily cases of new cases and crossed the 1 million mark of infections in a single day. The high number of infections almost led to the collapse of health posts and hospitals. The rise of the United States increased the number of epidemics worldwide, recording 3.6 million cases on Tuesday (18). In view of these numbers, the war offensive against the new wave of epidemics is far from over.

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