June 16, 2024

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Globo reporter suffers cruel invasion of man shouting live: ‘Bolsonaro out’

Globo reporter was disturbed by a live man (Image: clone/globo)

reporter from Globe was living in today’s newspaperthis Saturday (2), when he ended up being surprised by a protester against the president Jair Bolsonaro (pl). All this happened while the news was talking about the São Paulo Book Biennale.

Philip Geddes He conveyed information about the event, which happened again two years later, when he was surprised by the cry of someone who was taking advantage of the exhibition. Then the journalist said that some of the 3.5 million titles that were shown were cheaper than in other places.

At that moment, a man put his hands over his mouth and shouted: “Immediately Bolsonaro.” Guedes, who had just looked to talk about the low prices of the books, continued the planned scenario.

A short time later, a Globo reporter contacted a report about Bienal that had already been recorded. However, this moment has reverberated among some netizens on Twitter.

“I love these people shouting ‘Fora Bolsonaro’ live on Globo inside the São Paulo Book Biennale”fire a user. “Kara sent #ForaBolsonaro live at #JH at the Book Biennale in SP”Another said.

Lazaro Ramos and Elisabeth Savala ask “Bolsonaro out” in Globo

Lazaro Ramos and Elizabeth Savala participated in the Globo meeting last Wednesday (29), and they surprised everyone with a campaign against the president. All of this happened when they were asked what they wanted in the next few years.

“What do you want from now on?”asked the owner of the morning. Lazaro Ramos replied: “A new president, a Congress worthy of the country we have and I want to keep working hard, telling stories.”

Then Elizabeth Savala agreed with Bahian and continued with the chorus against Bolsonaro: “May this be my job. I want him to change the chief, several, and not just this.”

“Having a Congress at least equal, so that no one rules within it only, because it is not possible.”‘ added the veteran.

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On social networks, as could not happen, Internet users reacted to the position of the artists. “They really talk, there’s no nonsense”, Viewer commented. “It’s nice to be a fan of sane people”, Post announced.

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