May 20, 2024

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Google fights 16 malicious apps and bans Play Store

Google fights 16 malicious apps and bans Play Store

After extensive research by the digital security company Check Point Security that showed flaws in some applications, Google removed the malicious applications, about 16 applications from its store.

It is a growing and constant battle against this type of malicious apps and thus, we assure that before downloading any of them on Android, try to learn more about their origin.

Potentially malicious Play Store apps do not operate under the Store’s legal and security terms and are available for all devices – such as mobile phones and tablets – that use the Android operating system.

In addition, the apps have collected more than 200,000 downloads, and among them we have many different functions such as editing photos, creating emojis, managing saved contacts and even apps to help you secure your phone.

Thus, the programs run in a hidden way in the background, without being noticed, and in it we can find a very harmful type of malware called Joker or Bread.

By hanging in the background, it also affects your device’s ability to function, as malicious malware also makes the user sign up for paid services without them knowing, as soon as they notice your credit card account.

As a result, according to the Hindustan Times website, Google removed these Play Store apps between July and September.

Application List

Finally, see the list of apps removed by Google below:

  • a file. Recovivils
  • emoji wallpapers.
  • GameBox finger tip.
  • image compression
  • alarm reminder
  • Hmvoice.friendsms;
  • contact message
  • locker app;
  • separate document scanner;
  • training memory
  • love letter
  • cheerful message
  • suitable scanner 2;
  • Push message – text messages and sms.
  • relaxing message
  • Safe app lock.

Finally, we recommend checking if your Android device has any of these apps and if you have deleted them as soon as possible.

Therefore, we emphasize that to download any application, it is interesting to search for its pre-developed origin.

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