February 24, 2024

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Google Maps now shows toll rates

Google Maps now shows toll rates

The new function of Google Maps allows the user to get an estimate of how much he will pay on the selected route

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Last Monday (13), the tool announced in April, to display losses on Google Maps, began working in some countries. The new function can be accessed through the application available to Android And the iOS.

How will it work?

The functionality allows the user to get an estimate of how much they will be able to pay when choosing a route on the Google Maps platform, as well as the feature that shows the places where traffic will be charged. Before that, the tool was only reporting whether a track was shipped or not.

According to the research giant, the account forecasts shown are based on information collected from the authorities responsible for maintaining the billing system. On some roads, tolls vary depending on the day of travel and the time the vehicle passes the cab, as well as the payment method used by the driver.

The new Google Maps service is a very useful feature for those who like to travel and want to plan their expenses before setting off on the road and also to avoid excessive tolls, choosing a route with cheaper fees. Another important point of the application is that it is possible to find alternative ways by which the fee is not charged.

Initially, Google Maps displays traffic prices only on some routes in the following countries:

  • United State;
  • India;
  • Indonesia; And the
  • Japan.

According to Google, the post contains information about 2,000 highways in these areas.

The feature will be available soon in other countries, but there is no word on when it will arrive in Brazil. The number of highways that can be obtained from the estimation of tolls charged will also be increased.

The company also recently announced that users will be able to check the air quality in some places through Google Maps.

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