June 23, 2024

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Google Messages app has an error that drains your Android phone's battery

Google Messages app has an error that drains your Android phone’s battery

Obviously, Google Messages decided that the battery of an Android smartphone should have the least amount of autonomy possible. The situation is caused by a malfunction that causes the activation of some sensors, which leads to a significant increase in the temperature of the smartphone and, as a consequence, power consumption.

If there’s one thing cell phones have always been looking for, it’s the longest possible battery life, which when simple devices took weeks of use, is now sure to finish 24 hours on just one charge. Every now and then a program can help mess with this important math process, as happens with the Messages app.

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Accessing the camera in the Messages app (Image: Playback)

According to 9to5Google, the error in Google’s messaging (and SMS) app is not ending access to the camera, even after the program closes the sensor viewer. With the component responsible for making images and sending data to the application without interruption, the use of various parts of the cell phone increases, which raises the temperature and significantly increases power consumption.

Android 12 has successfully eliminated the Messages app error

In some cases, the Google Messages app continues to access and use the device’s camera, even when the software is in the background. Users encountered this problem only thanks to Android 12, which alerts when an app uses any sensor on the device, such as the microphone or the camera.

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In a test with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which runs Android 12 and uses the Google Messages app as the default message manager, I wasn’t able to completely replicate the error. Here, access to the camera was preserved only during a conversation, and turned off when leaving the chat and going to the main area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe program.

If you’re having this problem, the only solution to this dilemma (as long as Google doesn’t update the app) is to revoke messages’ access to the camera. To send a photo, the ideal is to shoot outside the program and complete the post directly from the photo gallery.

via: 9to5Google.

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