May 25, 2024

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Grazie Masafira rarely appears with her daughter after her split from Cayo Castro

Grazie Masafira rarely appears with her daughter after her split from Cayo Castro

Actress Grazi Massafera showed a very sweet record of her daughter with actor Cauã Reymond, girl Sophia

actress Grazy Massafra She showed a cute picture with her daughter with actor Kawa Raymond, the nine-year-old girl Sophia. And she showed a picture of her cell phone screen in which she appeared with her daughter Sophia.

In the photo, the actress with her daughter on her lap and facing the sunset. She displayed the record because her cell phone watch was showing 11:11. The actress showed this record with her daughter a day after confirming her split from actor Caio Castro.

The actors split a few days ago, and have been together for about two years. And Grazy Massafra I first spoke about this topic a day ago. Grazie confirmed in an interview with Ela magazine that the relationship is over, but the respect between the two remains. “My relationship with Caillou ended because we realized it was time to break up. What I can say now is that we are ending our story with all respect,” the actress said.

Cayo Castro also talked about the end of his relationship with him Grazy Massafra. He also stated that the termination was done with great respect and maturity and also stressed that there was no betrayal. He said, “We were never the ones to talk about our relationship. We didn’t reveal much about us. And I wouldn’t now feed that kind of report. But making up a story of infidelity is nothing more than disrespect. We decided to break up for our reasons. We were mature and respected above all our love. And if I could To ask for anything. I would like to ask respect for the moment that Grazie and I are in.”

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Netizens praised the beautiful photo of the actress with her daughter. “What a beautiful picture! One netizen commented on Sophia is love. Another netizen said: “Beautiful mother and daughter!”.

Launch Instagram Grazi Massafera with her daughter with Cauã Reymond, the girl Sophia

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