May 25, 2024

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Grêmio lineup: Roger retains 3 defenders and should give Janderson a chance |  Syndicate

Grêmio lineup: Roger retains 3 defenders and should give Janderson a chance | Syndicate

Coach Roger Machado referred to the Grêmio team as the three defenders were kept in practice on Tuesday afternoon, at CT Luiz Carvalho. About the match against Vasco, on Thursday, Kannemann and Edilson are back and Ganderson should be newsBut the striker left early because of a blow to his left foot.

Doubt in the middle between Thiago Santos and Lucas Silva As for the vacant position at Villasante, the lack of a call-up following matches for Paraguay’s friendlies – Campaz is also missing, he was called up by Colombia.

Roger puts a 3-2-4-1 into position for Grêmio to attack. The entire group was separated into positions in this formation. Bruno Alves, Jerome and Kahneman formed the defense.

In the first row, Lucas Silva and Thiago Santos were in the same position alongside Gabriel Silva. Petillo was the other driving wheel with Fernando Henrique, Sarara and Michele.

Grêmio training with Edilson and Jenderson – Photo: Eduardo Moura

In the attackers, Yanderson, Benitez and Ricardinho participated in the right wing, while Bale and Elias were on the left. Diego Souza, Elkeson and Kevin were the center of the attack.

The first pass motion indicated Breno. Bruno Alves, Jeromell and Kahneman; Edelson, Lucas Silva (Tiago Santos), Petillo and Nicholas; Gunderson, Diego Souza, and Biel.

Diogo Barbosa reappeared in training with the ball. The player has recovered from a muscle injury and is available again.

  • First Team: Gabriel Grando; Hector, Nathan and Kahneman; Edelson, Lucas Silva, Thiago Santos, Benitez and Diogo Barbosa; Gunderson and Elkeson.
  • Team 2: Adrian; Varela, Gazao, Michele and Thiago Rosa; Fernando Henrique, Sarara, and Gabriel Silva; Ricardinho, Kevin and Elias.

Roger is reunited with the Grêmio group – Photo: Eduardo Moura

Today he had several talks at Grêmio CT. President Romildo Bolzan was quick there. The football department also had a conversation with the technical staff.

Then, before training began, Roger gathered all the players on the field and had a longer conversation. The exercise is usual between the coach and the crew, but it takes on more importance due to the moment of stress.

Grêmio trains on Wednesday mornings are behind closed doors. Then he travels to Rio de Janeiro.