September 23, 2023

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"Brazil" finds a gap in the payroll and the Brazilian leaving Europe raises the board of directors

“Brazil” finds a gap in the payroll and the Brazilian leaving Europe raises the board of directors


Mengão will use the mid-year period to greatly strengthen the team

Marcus Braz, Vice President of Football
© Marcelo Cortes / FlamingoMarcus Braz, Vice President of Football

a flamingo He has a week of calm before confronting Energy, next weekend. Paulo Sousa managed to survive after the team achieved four consecutive victories, but nevertheless, the leader is questioned and many fans still do not trust his work, preferring to wait a little longer, especially with the more difficult matches.

In terms of the ball market, the Flamengo leadership is already considering a departure Mauritius Island This can happen beforehand. As reported by journalist Risa Simplicio, if a minimally satisfactory bid appears now in July, he should be released.

Thus, the CRF gives way to payroll at about 550 thousand Brazilian riyals To hire an athlete for this position. With the exception of Mathiosinho, no player has succeeded there. The authorized agents of the Flamingo Dome are in the market to find an opportunity in the market and the name that satisfies is WilliamAnd the ex international Who will leave Wolfsburg, Germany?

The athlete has already been within sight of Mengão several times, but the business has not developed. Last season, the Brazilian had a serious injury and therefore didn’t play much. However, the people associated with the player ensure that the team is ready for a new challenge and that a return to Brazilian football looks like a good alternative.

William has 27 years Revealed by Internacional. His start at Wolfsburg was considered very good and he was chosen by the fans as the best player in the position. Over time, he lost ground and the Germans decided not to renew his contract.

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