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Imagem de: GTA 6 tem desenvolvimento caótico e foi rebootado em 2020 [RUMOR]

GTA 6 has a chaotic twist and has been rebooted in 2020 [RUMOR]

or legendary GTA 6 He may be further away from his release than we expected. According to Rockstar Mag, the project is in disarray and has gone through many drastic changes, even having it restarted from scratch last year.

The information was revealed on the NeoGAF forum, where a user translated the content of some videos from the French channel. The translation states that the following Grand Theft Auto It is the most chaotic behind-the-scenes production of Rockstar Games, it is more complex than producing Red Dead Redemption NS GTA IV.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, rumors state that the announcement of GTA 6 It was planned for 2020 but had to be postponed. Both the story and many other elements of the game have changed constantly since 2019, which is one of the reasons why the developer hasn’t revealed anything about the title yet.

The site claims that various changes the game has undergone caused Dan Houser, co-founder and chief creative officer of Rockstar Games, to temporarily leave the company and, later, leave his position at the producer for good. With his departure in March last year, the sixth development Grand Theft Auto It was made from scratch again.

Also, according to the site, although not confirmed, GTA 6 It should not be released before 2025. The reason would be Rockstar’s attitude, which would avoid the infamous practice crush. The company has a bad reputation for forcing employees to work overtime and work 100 hours a week, among other problems.

In addition, Rockstar Mag also claims in the videos that there are no plans to reproduce it yet Grand Theft Auto IV. The channel also suggests, without providing further details, that the product should again delay an upgrade GTA V For PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, likely due in March 2022.

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