May 30, 2024

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H3N2 flu reaches 11 states and SUS blackout makes notifications difficult |  the health

H3N2 flu reaches 11 states and SUS blackout makes notifications difficult | the health

Sarah Pitt – The Conversation *


Amid a drop in deaths due to Covid-19, a new outbreak has drawn attention in the country. The number of patients with influenza A, specifically the H3N2 strain, is increasing, and the virus is already present in at least 11 units in the Federation, including the Federal District.

According to a survey by Metropolis, based on data from state secretariats, the Federal District, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Amazonas, Rio Grande do Norte, Maranhão and Ceará have already registered cases. In addition, Goias has not yet received confirmation, but is monitoring nine suspected cases.

To make matters worse, deleting SUS data makes it difficult to notify patients of the virus. In this way, the numbers can be greater than those raised.

The big concern is that influenza, although it reappears every year, tends to have the highest number of cases from May onwards, unlike what has been seen this year.

Remember that symptoms are similar to Covid, including cough, nasal congestion, fever and muscle aches. It is recommended to seek medical attention when symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, and blue discoloration of the lips or face. By testing the polymerase chain reaction, the virus responsible for the infection can be confirmed.

To avoid infection, it is essential to use a good quality mask, social distance and hand hygiene.

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