May 25, 2024

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Haitian judges refuse to investigate the assassination of President Jovnell Moyes

As of this Saturday, the Haitian judiciary has not yet begun an investigation into the assassination of President Jovanel Moss by a new commando, pushing the country into a new crisis a month after the assassination.

The Dean of the Supreme Court is struggling to find a judge who would be willing to take on this explosive case.

“This is a delicate and political matter. Before agreeing to investigate the matter, the judge thinks about his safety and the safety of his family. That is why the investigators were not much interested in the idea of ​​accepting the case,” he told the AFP.

“Several trial judges have already stated that the dean of the first trial court in Port-au-Prince is not interested in serving in this case,” the judicial source added.

To reassure his judges, Dean Bernard Saint-Vill of the court says he has asked the government to guarantee the safety of the acting magistrate.

“We also demand security agents for the judge. Before we can say to which judge this case will be handed over, these instructions must be available,” Judge Bernard told reporters in St.-Ville.

It was announced that the name of the magistrate who will take the President’s assassination file will be known on Thursday in St. Louis. But due to the reluctance of the trial judges, this period could not be met.

Police say they have already arrested 44 people, including 12 Haitian policemen, 18 Colombian citizens and 44 Americans of Haitian descent, for the crime. .

The National Police has issued search warrants against several individuals, including the country’s high court judges, a former senator and a businessman.

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Prior to sending the file to the Cabinet of Inquiry, the Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office issued several arrest warrants against an opposition political party official, Jowen Moss, party leader and two Haitian pastors. President ..