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Haitian Prime Minister investigates his involvement in the murder of former President Jovenel Moise |  Globalism

Haitian Prime Minister investigates his involvement in the murder of former President Jovenel Moise | Globalism

The country’s attorney general, Claude Bedford, called Henry on Friday (10) to a meeting on the investigation, which will take place on Tuesday (14), The Prime Minister also spoke with one of the main suspects in the case a few hours after the murder.

Henry was invited, not called, because legally the prime minister can only testify in Haiti if the president gives permission – a position that has been vacant since Moise’s murder.

According to Reuters, Claude asked the judge overseeing the investigation to include the prime minister as a suspect in the operation and to prevent him from leaving the country.

Soldiers guard the coffin of Jovenel Moise, the assassinated president of Haiti, during the state funeral that began on Friday (23rd) – Photo: AFP / Valérie Periswell

Under the invitation, Henry made several phone calls to Joseph-Félix Badiou, who worked for Haiti’s Ministry of Justice and authorities say he played a key role in the murder. He is a fugitive.

Claude claims it Two calls were made at 4:03 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. on July 7, a few hours after the crime, and evidence shows Badiou was near the president’s home when the calls were made..

Distraction maneuvers

The Haitian Prime Minister said, Saturday (11), that “dispersal maneuvers to create confusion and prevent justice from doing its work quietly will not be approved.”

“The real culprits, authors, intellectuals and sponsors of the heinous murder of President Jovenel Moise will be found, brought to justice and punished for their crimes,” said Ariel Henry.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri speaks at a press conference in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake that struck Haiti – Photo: Reginald Louisan Jr. / AFP

According to the Associated Press, The prime minister had earlier told local radio that he knew Badiou and was defending him, saying he did not believe he was involved in the crime..

Badiou was director of the anti-corruption unit at the Haitian Ministry of Justice. joined the unit in 2013, But it was launched in May after “serious violations” of ethical rules (which was not disclosed at the time).

on Monday (13), The Haitian Citizen Protection Office published a video calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“The prime minister cannot remain in office without cleaning up these dark areas,” said attorney Renan Hedovil, who heads the cabinet. “All doubts must be removed.”

Headoeville also stated that Henry should appear before the attorney general’s office, as required, and asked the international community to stop supporting him.

criminal investigation

Last month , A Haitian judge appointed to oversee the investigation into Moyes’ murder has resigned, citing personal reasons, after an aide died under mysterious circumstances.. A new judge was appointed to replace him.

Then-President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise (center), walks with First Lady Martin Moise; The country’s interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph (R), on May 18, 2021, during a ceremony marking the 218th anniversary of the creation of the Haitian flag. Moyes was murdered at his home on July 7, 2021, and the first lady was shot. – Photo: Joseph Odelyn/AP

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