May 25, 2024

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He stabbed his wife to death and then attempted suicide: the crime of cheating in Monterrey

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A 41-year-old man has been arrested for stabbing his wife to death in Montreal.

Elements of the State Intelligence Agency (AEI) Withheld the identified object Fidel “my”, Three days after the incident, this Saturday, July 17, on Melkor Ocampo Street.

According to reports, Fidel “My”, on Thursday, July 15 at about 05:34 pm, The prisoner killed his 39-year-old wife outside the house where they both lived, Between Oaxaca and Section 52 streets in the Allianza Real neighborhood in the municipality of Exopedo.

One of the witnesses, according to the first investigation, was one of the 17-year-old children involved, he explained to police His parents started arguing early in the morning.

    Fidel, 41, killed his 39-year-old wife
Fidel, 41, killed his 39-year-old wife

After the discussion, the man allegedly killed his wife with a knife and then tried to kill himself. Paramedics found the woman lying in the hall of her home.

The invader, for his part, had a wound to his neck and another left arm. He was later arrested and taken to Community Rehabilitation Center No. 2, located in the municipality of Abbottaka.

According to data obtained and found in the trial file of the case, the state attorney general’s office pointed out that the prisoner lost his wife’s life by stabbing her in various parts with a knife.Investigating person who acts with hateful behavior against the victim of violence and cruelty due to the fact that he is a woman”.

    The paramedics found the woman lying in the hall of her house.
The paramedics found the woman lying in the hall of her house.

The results of the autopsy conducted by the forensic doctors of the Forensic Medical Service (Cemepo) revealed that the victim was dead. Secondary hypovolemic trauma caused by infiltration of puncture wounds caused by his partner in the chest and abdomen.

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Rosa Aisla Rodriguez, Head of the Secretariat for Defense and Civil Defense (SSPC), Recognizes that feminism and rape crimes have increased in the first five months of 2021, Which is for the same period of the previous year.

According to the security report submitted by the officer, 7% increase in female homicide and 30% rape.

From January to May this year, official data show Across Mexico, the SSBC raped 423 women and 8,623, including simple and equivalent rapes.

Violence Against Women Reported by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security Agency (SESNSP) at the end of January A horrific increase in the number of murders of women and girls per day was revealed, as many years ago there were an average of 10 people and in 2020 they brutally murdered 18 women every day.

The statistics showed that they were taken into account 942 murders, 2,783 intentional murders of women and 3,136 perpetrators of female genital mutilationThis gives 6,861 people who were brutally murdered in 2020 alone, on average they killed 18 people a day (18.79).

According to 2020 figures, Morelos tops the list with 3.14 per 100,000 citizens; Colima, with 3.04; Nuevo Leon, 2.39; With Sonora, 2.01, and Veracruz, 1.91.

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