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Healthy Eating - Discover 8 More Foods

Healthy Eating – Discover 8 More Foods

Sunday October 10, 2021, in a column Robson Lemis No go paperYou will be well acquainted with healthy eating and some foods that can help. Watch!!!

In order to be up to date with our physical and mental health, it is very important that we maintain a healthy diet in life.

Before that, avoid fats, eat vegetables and fruits whenever possible, and avoid fried foods and sweets that are harmful to the body.

Below, look at foods that can help improve the quality of life and, of course, can be your ally in everyday life.

8 foods for those who want to eat healthy

Healthy Eating – Discover 8 Helpful Foods – Pixabay Picture

swears: It brings a feeling of intense satiety to the stomach, contains fatty acids and a powerful antioxidant. Just one scoop is enough per day.

It contains many minerals, vitamins and proteins and helps prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Oilseeds: Nuts, chestnuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts are great allies of a healthy diet, fight cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and much more.

olive oil: It prevents free radicals, fights LDL oxidation and fights many diseases. It is one of the most beneficial oils out there.

green foods: Cabbage, broccoli and cabbage also help fight cancer, and they are foods rich in glucosinolates. Daily consumption is good.

Linum seed: Rich in Omega 3, it increases good cholesterol, in addition to protecting the heart, the food makes a good balance in the body.

red fruit: Fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, black currants, and raspberries are rich in vitamins, iron, phosphorous and magnesium, and are also very tasty for daily consumption, so it is good to enjoy them.

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beans: Beans contain a lot of fiber, magnesium and zinc and can help the body perform its functions better.

Lemon: It boosts the immune system and contains many nutrients. Lemon can help prevent kidney stones, and it can also relieve an upset stomach as it regulates the intestines.

The above foods can be found in stores, markets and fairs and with all the above benefits it is very useful to put them in your daily life.

What is most recommended, first, is to seek a qualified professional to find out if you have any type of allergy to the foods mentioned above, and then you can start a healthy diet.

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