June 16, 2024

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Hernan Crespo no longer coach of Sao Paulo

Hernan Crespo no longer coach of Sao Paulo

Coach Hernan Crespo has just left Sao Paulo. After a 0-0 draw, in the 24th round of Brazil, against Cuiaba, the club decided by mutual agreement to end the relationship with the 46-year-old Argentine.

In Sao Paulo since February of this year, Crespo had a great time at Tricolor Paulista. In Paulistão 2021, the coach won the title over rival Palmeiras and broke the 15-year taboo without a state championship.

Since then, the coach has experienced turbulent moments at the club, being eliminated in the Libertadores by the same contender in which he was crowned state champion, knocked out in the Copa de Brazil for Fortaleza, as well as courting the relegation zone in Brazil.

There were 53 games under the leadership of Sao Paulo, with 24 wins, 19 draws and 10 defeats.

See, in full, the note from São Paulo

Sao Paulo Football Club reported that Hernan Crespo will leave the technical leadership of the team on Wednesday (13). The decision was made by mutual agreement after a conversation between the coach and the Tricolor Board of Directors. They also left Club Juan Branda (assistant coach), Alejandro Cohan and Gustavo Sato (physical coaches), Gustavo Nebuti (goalkeeper coach) and Tobias Cohan (performance analyst), who arrived in Tricolor with the coach.

Over the course of eight months, Crespo led the team to victory in Camponato Paulista and worked in 53 games, with 24 wins, 19 draws and ten defeats, using 57.23% of the points. . He also led the team in four other matches by assistant Juan Branda, when the Argentine was recovering from Covid-19.

Sao Paulo thanks the professionals for the work and dedication they have shown throughout the period in which they defended our colors, winning the state title, a victory not achieved since 2005. Immediately, the club will open a market search by a new coach.