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Home remedies for skin burns, see how to treat them

Home remedies for skin burns, see how to treat them

Occasionally, in many activities, accidents occur with the sun or with a hot product that causes skin lesions. So, this Friday, December 3rd, in Casa and Agro, Act Technonotícias You will learn some tips from Home remedies for skin burns. This way, you will have a quick and effective treatment with simple ingredients.

In addition to being painful, lesions of this type can cause scarring if not treated properly. So, in this matter, you will learn Home remedies for skin burns. Soon, you will have many alternatives that will leave you mark free and bring you instant relief.

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Before testing home remedies

Previously, as already mentioned, burns can become serious injuries with serious consequences. Therefore, only follow home remedies if the skin is whole, without serious injury. Otherwise, you will need to see a doctor for proper care.

Home remedies for skin burns and here’s how to treat them (Photo: iStock)

Banana peel

If you don’t need to go to the hospital, one of the first home remedies you should try is banana peel. However, before applying it, let the cold running water run over the area for about 20 minutes. Then place a banana peel with a covered gauze pad for two hours.


Another home remedy for burns is aloe vera because it contains a substance called aloe vera. Therefore, it becomes an excellent alternative for anyone suffering from sunburn, thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties that contribute to the healing process. To apply it, simply remove the gel from the aloe vera and apply it as if it were a cream.

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Lettuce is another home remedy for sunburn. This vegetable rejuvenates the skin and relieves the symptoms of burns. In the process, you will have to apply it over the affected area, drip a little oil and a cold compress. Immediate improvement of symptoms will be practical.

Home remedies that should never be used

Finally, it is important to highlight that some common concepts should not be repeated when the subject has damaged skin due to burns and Home remedies for skin burns. Therefore, never use butter, toothpaste, ice, or egg whites. Because these elements, unlike TK, cause irritation that contribute to the appearance of infection.

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