May 26, 2024

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Homeless person sings happy birthday with dogs, shares cake and gets emotional

Homeless person sings happy birthday with dogs, shares cake and gets emotional

A touching video has gone viral on social media in recent days and changed someone’s life homeless From Bucaramanga, Na Colombia. In the photos, Choco, as he is known, shares a birthday cake with his two accompanying pet dogs.

The three are alone on a ladder in the town square. First, he prepares his comrades: he puts on party hats. Then insert the birthday candles into the little cake and start singing happy birthday. During the song accompanied by applause, he hugs and caresses them.

Finally, he breaks a piece of cake to each dog and finally serves himself. Four-legged friends start licking their snacks.

watching video:


The record was shared on social media. With the fallout, Choco, whose name is José Luis Matos, got a second chance.

Human rights activist David Guerrero went in search of the man in the pictures in the streets of Bucaramanga. The meeting was videotaped. In it, David gives a bag of dog food to Choco, Nena, and Shaggy pet dogs.

“My dog ​​is like my children,” Jose Luis says in the video.

Since then, Guerrero has helped the homeless with a place to live, new clothes, work and a mobile phone.

Choco, in partnership with his new friend, chose to organize a food group so he could help other street dogs.

On a now revitalized Instagram account, José Luis shared photos at a new shelter with the dogs and thanked for all the support he’s received.

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