June 16, 2024

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Honduras: 85% of ICU injectors die due to Govt

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

85% were diagnosed with goiter when entering a hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) To die.

“A person may be in the intensive care unit with high flow and without progressing to an injection, 40 to 50% more or less saved and only about 15% may be saved in inhalers,” explained Dr. Carlos Umana, head of physicians. Honduran Social Security Agency (IHSS) In San Pedro Sula.

The doctor pointed out that the wards for Govt patients in government and private hospitals in the industrial capital are 40%.

Regarding the occupation of intensive care units, the doctor pointed out that 50% of the hospital is IHSS Regional Hospital and 40% of the remaining care centers. “San Pedro is fine and full of tequila,” he assured. Umana commented that even 20% of the population in San Pedro Sula is not Suffering from Govt-19 disease, So herd immunity cannot be achieved, which can only be achieved by vaccinating at least 70% of citizens.

“Herd immunity is not achieved by infection, it is achieved by vaccines,” he reiterated.

He noted that the corona virus infection was acting similarly last year, which was at its peak at first Sula and Sula Valley, San Pedro Then in Tegucigalpa and later in the interior of the country.


During Epidemiology Week 21, which runs from May 23 to 29, the country’s hospitals are registered Govind-19 was admitted to 835 Hospital, 157 of them died and 549 were evicted.

So far this year, more than 25,733 positive cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been reported nationwide. Regarding deaths due to disease There are 3,169 Hondurans.

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“There are 65 deaths corresponding to the 2020 death toll, and we have not yet completed the first six months of this year; therefore, the incidence of this disease is increasing exponentially. Said Secretary of Health.

Since the outbreak, Honduras has reported 240,382 cases, 6,415 deaths and 85,881 cases. Majia said the percentage of positivity in the country has dropped and 26% was recorded in the last epidemic week.

“We carry out 2,800 to 3,000 daily tests to detect covitation, up to 4,500 previously.The doctor said.