May 24, 2024

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TicTac viewers have surpassed YouTube in the US and UK

TicTac viewers have surpassed YouTube in the US and UK


The average time of videos viewed on the new site was higher in the second quarter

Consultant of Annie’s Market Analysis Dictac’s audience performance in the second quarter surpassed that of YouTube in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the average time of videos viewed by its users.

In other squares, especially in South Korea, YouTube is at the forefront, viewing an average of 40 hours of videos per month among South Korean users.

In May, the average user spent 24.5 hours a month in Dictoc in the US and almost 26 hours in the UK, according to the report.

App Annie’s time is only counting the audience on Android phones and does not include China, where Dictoc – also known as Doin – is one of the best apps.

In the United States, the average user spends 50% more time networking on Android phones than in December 2019. In the UK, this situation is even more common, with 80% of dictatorial viewers devoting their attention to mobile.

Another study by the agency found that in Brazil, the most downloaded application in the first quarter of 2021 was Kwai, a video site similar to Dictoc, which ranked second.

The ranking, which maps virtual stores for Android and iOS, only considers downloads made during the analytics period, which means that Kwai is not the most installed app on Brazilian mobile phones.

In third place appears the Shoppe shopping site. Names like PicPay, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Meet and Facebook are also on the list.

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App Annie also saw the average time people spend on apps. According to a study published by Forbes magazine in July, Brazil averages 5.4 hours a day.