September 22, 2023

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Horizon Forbidden West gets a new game + in the latest update

Horizon Forbidden West gets a new game + in the latest update

Guerrilla Games revealed a new update for Forbidden horizon west. With the update, now live, the New Game+ option will allow fans to re-visit Forbidden West with Hunter Nora. Super difficulty has also been unlocked.

The news was announced during playing conditionBen McCaw, the studio’s narrative director, wants to see if players can defeat Carnage with Strengthen in the challenge.

It includes New Game+, one of the most requested features, and Ultra Hard mode for those who enjoy more unforgivable challenges, but also several gameplay improvements that we know our community will appreciate: a visual mod feature that allows players to customize the outfit in order to get Another costume appearance they already had, not to mention skill points reset so they could redistribute them however they wanted.

For collectors of prizes, another good news. With the arrival of the update, a new souvenir pack will be available in Horizon Forbidden West.

In addition to Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Call of the Mountain stands out in case you play

Before the news of Horizon Forbidden West was revealed, Horizon Call of the Mountain appeared in State of Play. Check the quality of the PS VR2 title here!

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