September 29, 2023

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Horror movie: Archaeologists discover tomb of bones in the cave

Horror movie: Archaeologists discover tomb of bones in the cave

In an atmosphere of horror movies, archaeologists have discovered hundreds of bones in an underground cave in Saudi Arabia. The so-called “cemetery” was filled with human remains, as well as at least 14 different species of animals – including oxen, horses and rodents. NS studyPublished in the scientific journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, indicates that the bones were transported to the site by hyenas during the past seven thousand years.

Human bones and animal carcasses can be seen in the lint – Credit: Stewart and team

The cave is called Umm Jarsan. It is a wide “tube” shaped system located under the volcanic fields of the Khyber Hart – which is about 1.5 kilometers long. In 2007 researchers worked in the cave mentioned After hearing roaring sounds, suggesting that it was still an active site.

As Matthew Stewart, a zoological archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Germany explained in TwitterHyenas are excellent bone collectors. They have a habit of transporting the remains to their burrows for consumption, feeding the chicks, or storing in their hiding places.

Stewart explained in his publication that the bones are exceptionally well preserved, allowing scientists to gain insight into thousands of years of biodiversity. In addition, the team also found skeletal remains of striped hyenas – their native habitat in the Middle East – and fossilized feces, strengthening the theory..

Cave Entrance – Photo: STEWART

Although there were human bones in place, Experts do not believe that hyenas would have killed anyone, because they are scavengers – they feed on dead animals. So it is more likely that they discovered human remains and fed on them.

One hypothesis considered was that wolves and foxes contributed to the Bone Cemetery. but how books Researchers, these animals are not used to taking their food very far. Usually, they eat the prey in the place that killed them.

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