May 25, 2024

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Hospital deactivates Covid ICU ward in SC and health team celebrates;  Video |  Santa Catarina

Hospital deactivates Covid ICU ward in SC and health team celebrates; Video | Santa Catarina

NS Sao Jose Municipal Hospital join phil, in northern Santa Catarina, announced the closure of the intensive care unit (ICU) designated for patients with Covid-19 on Wednesday (10). Transfer news servers (see above).

With the wing disabled, 18 vacancies were released to meet public demands Hospital said.

“We have been able to demobilize this area, which has been restricted because we have followed the numbers and we have had a drop in demand for Covid-19 related care in the past 14 days,” Health Minister Jan Rodrigues da Silva says.

To celebrate the closure of the Covid-19 pavilion and commemorate the announcement, a saxophonist was invited. Osvaldo Neto explained “how big are you” with the machine, while the servers left the space with applause.

“Maybe every healthcare professional felt, at the beginning of the epidemic, as if they were being drafted into an army. The feeling was fear. Today we won by saying we had won another battle. We are still in a battle, but the feeling that we are On the right track heart-warming.

Disrupted Covid ward at a hospital in SC impresses staff – Photo: Hospital Municipal São José / Publishing

SC no Covid deaths in 24 hours

Santa Catarina It has had 24 hours without recording deaths due to Covid-19According to data released on Tuesday (9). The last time this happened was on May 13, 2020. The information was released by the state health department on Tuesday (9).

In total, 19,736 people in the Santa Catarina Territory have died of the disease since the beginning of the epidemic in Santa Catarina, in March 2020. The state had 1,221,916 people who tested positive for the coronavirus in the same period.

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