June 16, 2024

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Witnesses can help the FBI investigate the murder

How did her fiance die? Give the police the details

The cause of death for Brian Laundry, Gabi Pettito’s fiancéIt was revealed today. An autopsy report from a coroner in Sarasota, Florida, said Laundry died of a gunshot wound to the head. the The influencer was found dead in September, at the age of 22.

Laundry’s remains were found in a densely forested area of ​​the Carleton Reservation in Sarasota County. According to the official’s report, the body was found submerged.

Authorities said only Laundrie’s skeleton survived due to a “significant carnivorous activity” – meaning coyotes, raccoons and other animals gnawing at body parts.

according to CNNThe 47-page report also detailed items found from the site where Laundry’s remains were found, including a backpack with tent and torches, a piece of paper, a red hat and a wooden box containing a small notebook of photos.

In the notebook found with her remains, Laundry wrote that she was responsible for Gabe Pettito’s death, according to the FBI. The authorities indicated that he killed himself.

Remember the case

Gabe Pettito and Brian Laundry went on a trip across the United States in June. The plan was to travel to the west coast of the country by car and visit all the parks in the area. However, on August 30, the influencer stopped contacting the family, while the boy returned to his Northport home two days later.

On September 13, Laundry’s family reported that he, too, had disappeared. “There was a high probability” that the man died on the same day he left his family, police told People magazine.

Pettito’s body was found on September 21 and referred to by the responsible team Strangulation as a cause of death.

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On the other hand, Brian was on the run for about a month until the police found the remains near the house where he was living. Later, experts confirmed that the bones were his.

suspected aggression

Gabi Pettito told the police that she was assaulted by her fiancé

Photo: reproduction

A recording obtained by Fox 13 Utah in September showed that the officers who stopped the couple on the road on August 12, a month before the girl’s disappearance was reported, knew the boy had hit the girl.

In the audio recording, they were told that witnesses said a boy hit the girl and left in a white truck with Florida plates heading north. The officers quickly recognized the car and stopped the couple on the road.

Pictures recorded by the security camera attached to a police officer’s uniform show that Gabby Pettit was shaking and crying, while Brian Laundry appeared calm.

The groom claimed to the police that the girl was suffering from psychological problems and that she was unbalanced and hit him. Gabe even took the boy away, but he didn’t deny the release and cried, apologised, and claimed they argued.