May 25, 2024

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How Much Did Mayra Cardi Earn Doing a Banking Business?

How Much Did Mayra Cardi Earn Doing a Banking Business?

Myra Cardi does not hide the betrayals she was subjected to by her husband, Arthur Aguiar, who is imprisoned in “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) since mid-January. Today, on a commercial break, the former sister of BBB 9 starred in an ad video for a financial institution, giving advice as a ‘partition’ specialist and hinting at the ‘breakaways’ of Alan Bros. .

“I’m sick of being told ‘it pays like this,’ but I don’t work that way,” she began. The text still refers to the life of the couple during the video and ends with the phrase: “From the engagement, I understand.”

In the sequence, Myra appears for some kind of post-credit scene and says that not having an account with this bank is an “unforgivable” situation. It is worth remembering that the coach has already forgiven dozens of Arthur’s betrayals.

Yesterday, Patricia Abravanel and Luana Beovani starred in commercials for the same institution. The former stabbed his nephew, Thiago Abravanel The second, ex-husband Pedro Scobe. According to Splash’s investigation, Mayra and Patricia received R$200,000 each for the procedure and Piovani, R$300,000 each.

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