May 26, 2024

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How much does a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters earn?

How much does a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters earn?

Fernanda Montenegro NS Gilberto Gil They are the newest immortals of the ABL (Brazilian Academy of Letters). The artist and actress were elected, respectively, to seats 17 and 20, by express vote.

The two are only expected to take over the positions in March 2022, when they will begin receiving their salary and weekly fees – if they attend academy appointments. according to UOL TABAnd This amount can exceed R$10,000 per month.

Association members meet twice a week. With the pandemic, meetings have been suspended, but they have taken place again recently in an online format.

Each immortal receives, as a “salary”, R$3,000 per month and a few “stashes” for weekly attendance. Everyone who goes for tea on Tuesday earns R$800, and attendance at the meeting on Thursday is guaranteed another R$1,000. Thus, a member who attends all meetings – in a month with four Tuesdays and Thursdays – can collect R$10,200.

In addition to meetings, members participate in discussions and lectures on various topics in the arts and literature. Speaking to the newspaper “O Globo”, Fernanda Montenegro revealed more plans as an immortal: Revitalization of the theater academy.

“There is a very closed stage there, very sheltered for the needs of the Academy. I think it is perfect. I have many possibilities in my head to bring that stage back to life, not in the service of the Academy, but in the service of a potential audience. Perhaps. I found her there. My space, not as a writer, Rather as an actress,” she commented

Actress and Gilberto Gil’s election was the first after ABL’s personal activities resumed. By the end of the year, Three more immortals will be chosen from the academy.

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