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How much will Sao Paulo earn with the possibility of Anthony moving to Manchester United

How much will Sao Paulo earn with the possibility of Anthony moving to Manchester United

Anthony on his way to Manchester United. According to The Sun newspaper, the English club has an agreement with Ajax and is close to officially announcing the signing of the former Sao Paulo striker and Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag, both of whom are from the Dutch club.

still According to The Sun, the Red Devils will sign Anthony for €60m. (about 300 million Rls), with Sao Paulo earning for being a training club and also 20% of the “value added”, That is, over €16 million from the potential future sale of Antony by Ajax goes to Tricolores coffers.

To explain better: Tricolor sold Anthony for €16 million (about R$74 million at the time) to Ajax. Since the striker left the Brazilian club when he turned twenty, through the FIFA solidarity mechanism, the coach is entitled to 3.5% through the mechanism. In addition, the club received in the contract 20% of the surplus value.

Calculate the percentage of trainer and surplus value on top of the value projected by The Sun, Sao Paulo has the right to 8.8 million for capital gain and 2.1 million through the Clube Formados solidarity mechanism. This is, 10.9 million euros in approximate amounts. This does not count € 6 million Brazilian Real (about 28 million Brazilian Real) paid in the case of goals achieved by the player in Ajax, which must include titles in the Dutch club and access to the main team.

Again, these are approximate values. It would be difficult for anyone to accurately determine how much São Paulo’s total profit would be from the potential sale of Anthony because of the variables known only to those with full knowledge of the contract. In any case, one thing is certain: they will be the expressive values ​​and providence of the Three Colors.

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I am working on the sale, Anthony’s success at Manchester United and Sao Paulo to make good use of that amount, invest in reinforcements and pay off the big debts he has at the moment.

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