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Fred becomes the top scorer of the Brazilian Cup and reveals pressure to postpone retirement in Fluminense |  fluminence

Fred becomes the top scorer of the Brazilian Cup and reveals pressure to postpone retirement in Fluminense | fluminence

Striker Fred reached his 37th goal in the Copa del Rey, having scored at the end of Fluminense On Villa Nova 3-2, in the first match of the third stage of the competition, Wednesday evening, in the Maracana. With it, the isolated artillery player took over the history of the tournament.

And after the match, and when commenting on the sign that arrived, the athlete revealed that the club’s board of directors asked him to continue the activity. However, he reiterated that he will retire on schedule, July 21, the 120th anniversary of the date Fluminense.

Mario (Bettencourt) (Chief) really pressed me, Paolo (Angioni, CEO) really pressed me, but I want to be able to enjoy my family a little bit more, take them to school, take them to the field playing ball, and be able to Traveling on weekends, being able to attend parent meetings at school, things I haven’t been able to do in my whole life – shirt 9 said.

Fred kisses the shield of Fluminense after isolating himself in the artillery of the Brazilian Cup – Fluminense x Vila Nova – Photo: Andre Durao

The tricolor player was tied to Romario in the Copa Brasil cannon. Among the top 5 players who scored the most goals in the competition, only Fred is still active. They are: Romario (36 goals), Viola (29 goals), Ozias and Paolo Nunes (28 goals each) and Dudu (26 goals).

– I think today was more of a special moment, for 2-0, I got 2-1, passed the ball, Kano scored, then scored the spin goal. Victory victory. We had Cayo Paulista, who felt his thigh, and we had one less. Getting this transformation was special for us. Of course, this fear was not expected, but in the context of the match it was a great match for us.

Best moments: Fluminense 3 x 2 Villa Nova, third stage of the 2022 Copa del Rey

At the press conference after the matchThe attacker said the accusation came not from him but from the family. Additionally, Fred commented that, if it were up to him, this wouldn’t be the only ball in the net he would be celebrating this year:

– For me, it’s a source of great pride. I didn’t get into the game with this weight, my family asks me for it a lot. “Go ahead, score.” I really have pressure to win every game, to start well, to analyze what our team is lacking. What happened in the end was that God gave me something I didn’t even deserve. It was special to give victory and it was even more special because you became the top scorer in a big competition like the Copa do Brasil.

Fred celebrates Fluminense’s goal against Villa Nova – Photo: ANDRÉ DURÃO

in every corridor FluminenseFred has 198 goals. Prior to his suspension, the striker won his first tri-color title at the Maracana, Campionato Carioca this year, against Flamengo. Although the retirement date has been set, the player is already making plans for the future:

– I will be there in the midst of the crowd, going up the slope and singing, the crowd is playing the drum, me and my son on my shoulder. this is a dream.

Additionally, Fred explained how he intends to enjoy the family, and what he hopes to leave as a legacy at the club:

I have a (daughter) who is 16 years old, named Giovanna, and I feel this has been singled out for her. So I also want to be in this difficult phase of adolescence with her and her two youngsters, because it goes by so fast. I want to enjoy it, I have 20 years of professional experience, I enjoyed it a lot. I’d turn to my wife too, enjoy my kids and be able to enjoy a bit of soccer too, which is a lot of pressure – said the tricolor idol.

All Fred's goals in the Copa del Rey, the best scorer in the history of the competition

All Fred’s goals in the Copa del Rey, the best scorer in the history of the competition

Fred celebrates a record in the Copa del Rey and confirms his retirement in the middle of the year: "I want to enjoy my family more"

Fred celebrates Brazil Cup records and confirms mid-year retirement: ‘I want to enjoy my family more’

Villa Nova and Fluminense They will face each other again on May 11, 9:30 p.m. (Brazilian time), in Serra Dorada, Goiania. The Carioca team plays for a tie to qualify for the next stage. Before that, he faces Tricolor Internacional, on Saturday, at 7 pm, in the Maracana, for the third round of the Brazilian Championship.

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