June 12, 2024

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How to Refresh Pages in iPhone Safari Using Gesture

How to Refresh Pages in iPhone Safari Using Gesture

If you are already a familiar Safari user, do this IphoneYou are used to refreshing a page that is opened by the corresponding button in the address bar, right? Starting with iOS 15, An apple Make the task easier with the new gesture feature.

How to use a gesture to refresh pages in Safari

The best way to be more productive while using the app is to get to know them. To quickly refresh a page in Safari on Mac, just press the buttons ⌘ Command + R On iPhone, it’s even easier, just use your finger gesture to reload a website. See how to do it below.

Swipe to pull the screen down

Open a page in iPhone Safari. Then slide your finger down and drag the screen until the dotted circle completes one complete circle. Well, the page will refresh automatically.

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Swipe down the screen to activate the gesture refresh feature – screenshot: Thiago Furquim (Canaltech)

This action is very similar to the gesture of reloading a page in Google Chrome or refreshing your Twitter feed. Over time, you should forget that there is still a reload button in the address bar. Enjoy!

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