December 2, 2023

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"I can not move," said Queen Elizabeth II.  British comedy or real shortcoming?

“I can not move,” said Queen Elizabeth II. British comedy or real shortcoming?

The controversy over the Queen’s health has intensified since she spent a night at King’s Hospital in October.


Queen Elizabeth II appeared for the first time after Prince Charles, 73, the heir to the British throne, contracted Covit-19 for the second time last week. However, this moment attracted attention for other reasons. The phrase “I can not move”, spoken orally by Isabel II, creates controversy.

– Good morning, Your Majesty. How are you?


– As you can see [apontando para os pés]I can not move [membros da família real aproximam-se].

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the incident, saying the queen herself was a little stern, but that she was not sick or disabled.

When Prince Charles again tested positive for Covid-19, Buckingham Evidence confirmed that Elizabeth II had shown no signs, but assured that the Queen was being monitored.

On Tuesday, Isabel II attended a video conference with the new ambassadors of Estonia and Spain, and this Wednesday, received former and new secretaries of the Windsor castle’s defense services, who were forced to monitor the king in the same room. .




“Oh, I’m here!”The Queen replied, leaning on a cane, and the two secretaries entered her room.

The Queen’s health attracted attention after she spent a night in hospital in October for an unpublished health issue. At the time, doctors only advised Elizabeth II to rest.

Last week, the source of Buckingham Palace announced that the King would resume all functions on the British throne.

Elizabeth II celebrated the 70th anniversary of her accession to the British throne this month, becoming the first monarch to celebrate Platinum.

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