September 24, 2023

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The UK begins an agreement with Greece to return the sculptures to Pattern

The UK begins an agreement with Greece to return the sculptures to Pattern

Greece has been demanding a return for decades, and the UK is opening up talks to return to the area

Louisa Alves, supervised by Wallace Ferrari Posted on 06/16/2022 at 18:32

President of the British Museum, London, George Osborne, Was revealed to be open to partial negotiations for the partial return of marble pieces and sculptures from Athens’ Pattern and the Acropolis to Greece. The country has been demanding a return to the UK for decades.

Greece is demanding the return of parts and Sculptures Are now in the British Museum from the beginning of the 20th century. Under the argument that the people were legally acquired in 1802, the English ambassador bought it Lord of ElginThe United Kingdom has not yet complied with the request.

According to The Guardian, the matter was re-discussed in March this year after a lawsuit was filed against the British Museum for preventing the pieces from being found. 3D printed. The Oxford Institute of Digital Archeology aims to expand access to the material and to resolve disputes between nations.

The Mediterranean nation wants to reclaim one of the 75-meter fries and marble carotid – a female figure working in support of architecture – which originally supported a small temple in the Acropolis of Athens, claiming that fragments had been plundered from its territory. When the Ottoman industry. Information from the G1 News Portal.

Partition sharing

In an interview with LBC Radio, George OsborneHe confirmed that he was ready to resolve the issue and was open to an agreement to share the parts.

If this situation is discussed without too many preconditions or restrictions, I hope a deal will be possible in Athens and London to tell their story at the same time, “he said.

“One that allows you to see them in all their splendor in Athens and see them as examples of other civilizations in London,” he added when asked about the exhibition of pieces for a while. Athens Then returned to London.

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