May 30, 2024

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“I was loyal to management” -

“I was loyal to management” –

Wesleyn Amorim

Upon request, the report Rondonia Extramade this morning by the Vilhena Municipal Health Minister, Wesleyn Amorim, speaking of leaving the bag.

Below, the full text of the note sent to my editors Rondonia Extra:

Today, for personal reasons, I am asking to resign from the post of Municipal Health Secretary. I delivered the job the same way I walked with my head held high, knowing I did everything I could.

During these four months in charge of SEMUS, I made significant purchases, called in nurses and other health professionals to reinforce staff, and secured resources for the Secretariat through parliamentary amendments (such as the new health unit in Sector 19, Senator Acir Gurgacz) and rest houses For HRV Professionals (with State Rep. Ezequiel Neiva) a line of dialogue opened to increase base salary State government resources, being human resources and part of the input, next week a team of State government will be in Vilhena to inspect as it worked to carry out daily outpatient consultations in orthopedic/pediatric specialties, but orthopedic telemedicine proposal is accepted accompanied by more than 22 specialist physicians from the specialist component through a national reference hospital, Albert Einstein, which will help ease the waiting list for regulation with multiple specialists.

Vilhena has the potential to be a public health reference in the state especially in mother/baby care and today we have full residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics.

We have many actions that you have sent us, such as the renovation of the Cristo Rei Health Center with payment order in process, the completion of the renovation of the regional hospital facade, where we will have air-conditioned rooms with better comfort and accommodation for professionals and patients, fast renovation of the Leonardo unit, severance payments, bonuses Specialization and no retrospective commitment, where boxes and bins were stacked, the launch of the Opera Rondônia project, which will cater to the pent-up queue of more than 2,600 surgeries in the Sisreg regulation queue and many others that I am sure will continue.

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I leave here our congratulations to all the health professionals in our municipality and SEMUS technicians who donate to provide quality service to citizens.
I leave the position of director knowing that I have been loyal to management and that I have essentially honored my principles and my chosen profession.

I wish success to those who take up the health portfolio, as they will have hard work to do, and I am available to help in any way I can, as public health policies can only be strengthened by unity.”

Complementing the note, Wesleyn said she is still in the current administration, even if she is a public servant, and because she works in the health field.
He guarantees her calm and peace with the decision she has taken, because “the position is passing”, and she reiterates her wishes for success and good performance for those who will replace her, as she reiterates that it was a decision based on personal issues. “I am having problems that I have to control, with regard to my health and my studies,” he said.

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