June 21, 2024

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I'm the one who's going to pay for this porr*, shouts Gkay after the gig review |  Famous

I’m the one who’s going to pay for this porr*, shouts Gkay after the gig review | Famous

Digital influencer Gkay’s party barely started and is still popular on social media. After influencer Alison Jordan complains that he’ll have to pay for food at the event, JKAY He had to come down from his room to explain that the food served to guests staying in the hotel was free. In the photos recorded by one of the party guests, the blogger appears at the top of the bar counter and declares:

Guys, just shout so people understand. The note you get is just for signing up! Who will pay this porr *it’s me! I don’t want to know how many raffles I’ll make in the feed, and how many audiences I’ll make [para pagar]Sign only because I’m the one who pays, He made sure to highlight Gkay, who was praised by the guests at the event.

For those who don’t know, it all started when dancer Alison Jordan used his social networks to complain about the food at the event. TikToker has recorded stories on their Instagram profile complaining about having to pay for food served at the hotel: “The worst thing is that we think that with this bracelet here everything is free and not free at all”, He mocked the influencer.

Gkay, upon learning of one of his guests’ complaints, immediately spoke up. Going live on her Instagram profile, the famous woman denied that guests had to pay to eat, declaring that people were doing their best to appear: “You don’t need to draw attention with a wrong close-up, you’ll get followers the same way, and now it’s fashionable to go to people’s parties and say there’s no food”, Gkay announced on Instagram.

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On her Twitter profile, the famous woman also spoke about nonsense: “People want to do everything to get attention, well, I’ll get stuffed food in c*.” A few minutes after forming the folly, Jakayi returned to social networks this time with dancer Alison, to defuse the situation with his followers.

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The influencer apologized, tearfully at her grumbling about the event’s food: “It was without thinking, I suppose wrong, and we know this internet business is complex, and we say things without thinking,” Consider Alison. “If you only knew how much Alison’s food was spent”Gakkai replied and continued:

But look, it’s fixed! I understand it was a joke and we’re not supposed to attack Alison, okay? He will dance, he will enjoy it and people will eat, for God’s sake, this crying of hunger.”Anita’s friend joked.

“Stop attacking Alison, he’s already apologizing it was a joke! He won’t eat anymore, because I’ll make him pay for all the meals”, Jakai joked again who clarified that this was not the intent of the event. “Farova’s intention is not to create confusion, not to create these disagreements,” he said. Appease Gkay.

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