September 28, 2023

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"I'm tired of being an idiot"

“I’m tired of being an idiot”


He will face the pawn Guta (Júlia Dalavia) for riding with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré)

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

It’s no secret that Tenorio (Morillo Benicio) has the desire to join his daughter, jota (Julia Dalvia) with one of the heirs Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera). Even feeling strong love, Thaddeus (José Loreto) has never hidden his annoyance with the “independent” manner of his lover. It is precisely for this reason that the pawn will end the courtship.

He will know it jota Went for a walk with ladies (Giuliano Cazari), which led to a small discussion: “Can the two of us talk like two adults?”says the girl. “We have nothing to talk about, Gotha. For me, everything is settled between us.”answer to Thaddeus. “If everything is resolved, why are you treating me like this?”I will ask.

“Because I’m tired of being a laughingstock!”will rage Thaddeus. “All this just because I went out with Alcides?”. “Who you went out with or did not go out with, I don’t care. But with me you will never go out again. Now, if you will let me”Boy will order. Then in a conversation with his brother Jose Lucas (Irandir Santos), he’ll breathe about what happened.

Check out the dialog!

“Did you break up with her for your brother’s sake or to please the man?”will speak Atmospherereferring to their father.

“Which! I’m Leontius, right? I can’t be made a monster by anyone!”will be closed Thaddeus.

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