December 1, 2023

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Pedro, do Flamengo, corre para comemorar o gol em cima do Botafogo

In a controversial match, Flamengo defeated Botafogo 3-1 in Cariocao

In another classic movie by Carioca Championship 2022Oh flamingo won Botafogo 3-1 in a rescheduled match for the eighth round and played at Nelton Santos Stadium on Wednesday evening (23). Flamengo scored Pedro and Gabigol, who were still in the first half, and Arscita, who was already in the final stage. Defender Leo Pereira, facing off, made Glorioso, already in the 40th of the second half.

This was the eleventh game in which Pedro and Gabigol formed an attacking duo from the start, and the first in which both scored.

Despite the outcome, the duel was marked by controversy. Alfinegro’s team complained a lot about two shots in the first half. In 34 an unknown penalty kick after touching Pedro’s hand inside the red-black area. Then, from a mistake made by Gabigol in the play where the 9 shirt himself converted the second goal, already in extra time from the first stage.

“Intense match, decided in the details. It was 1-0, we were in the match, there was a penalty for us that he didn’t give. He has the resources (VAR) and he doesn’t use them. Then there was this suspicious move (Gabigol’s absence in the second goal),” We’ll see later,” complained midfielder Barreto, who was still in the first half. He received his third yellow card and was suspended for the match against Portuguese- RJSunday.

Dominating from start to finish, Flamengo “rented” the opponent’s defense field – especially in the first half. In the end, a convincing win in the classics calmed the red-and-black fan, who still regrets his defeat in the Brazilian Super Cup to Atletico MGon penalties.

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Status in the table
As a result, Flamengo reach 19 points, second in front of Cariocao, two points behind leaders Fluminense. Glorioso, on the other hand, stood at 16 points in fourth place.

Upcoming matches
The two teams return to the field for the ninth round of the state of Rio next Sunday (27). At 16:00, he faces Mengão Resende On the same stage as Wednesday’s Classic, Nilton Santos Stadium. Later, at 19:00, Botafogo measures his forces with Portuguesa-RJ at Luso-Brazilero, in Ilha de Governador.

at top speed
As someone who was looking to give their fans confidence, and still feel the recent Supercopa do Brasil loss to Atlético-MG, the classic Flamengo started at full speed. The team, led by Paulo Sousa, played with a free kick and exchanged passes at a speed that settled Botafogo and opened the scoring in less than ten minutes.

The top scorer was Pedro. Shirt number 21, who plays a key role alongside Gabigol, took advantage of Arascaeta’s beautiful pass on the left and completed it with a powerful left-handed kick: 1-0 – his third in five games this season.

In the 15th minute, Flamengo once again took advantage of the opponent’s failure to watch. At the back of Alvenegra’s defense, Arascaeta had room to expand roughly. Arau extended to Mathiosinho who played with Gabigol to throw the Uruguayan. On his right foot, only a keel stopped him.

Botafogo did not arrive several times in danger, but in the 34th minute he complained about an unremarkable penalty kick in Pedro’s hand touch inside the area after Mateus Nascimento veered off the first post.

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Then he complained again about Gabigol’s inability to move which led to the second goal. In the 49th minute, he left his shirt 9 after a counterattack and a table with Lazaro: 2-0 in the first half.

to close the account
Flamengo started the second stage with the same intensity. What was different was the position of Glorioso who created more chances and scored in the 14th minute, but the goal after a good movement from Chai was canceled due to the irregular position of Mathios Nascimento who tried to touch the ball.

Four minutes later, Gabigol stamped Gattito Fernandez’s post. Mingao’s third goal will come from Arascaeta’s feet. In the 27th minute, he received from Matteo Zinho at the entrance to the area, exonerated Barreto from playing and ended with no chance for Gattito.

And Botafogo managed to climb in the 40th minute with the help of Leo Pereira. The Flamengo defender sent it to his own goal after she raised the ball in the area.

Butafogo was brave and tried to speed up, but there was no time for reaction. Match ends, 3-1 to Flamengo.

data sheet
Botafogo 3 x 1 flamingo
Venue: Nilton Santos Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
Date and time: Wednesday (2/23) at 20:00
Referee: Grazianni Macial Rocha
Assistants: Rodrigo Figueiredo, Enrique Correia and Tice Marques Fúsica
VAR: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa

Audience: 11,909 paid (total 12,743)
Income: 463.435.00 BRL

Targets: Pedro at 8’/1, Gabigol at 49’/1 and Arrascaeta, at 27’/2 (Flamingo); Leo Pereira [contra]at 40 min/sec (Botafogo)

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Botafogo: Gattito Fernandez; Daniel Burgess, Joel Carly, Cano and Jonathan Silva (Vitor Marinho); Brino (Kaiki), Barreto and Fabinho; Luiz Fernando (Erisson), Chai and Matthews Nascimento. Coach: Lúcio Flávio (Temporary)

Flamingo: Hugo. Fabricio Bruno, David Luiz (Philip Luis), and Leo Pereira; Mazuzinho, Arao (Gomez), Arascaeta (Marinho), Andreas Pereira and Lazaro (Vetino); Gabigol and Pedro (Bruno Henrique). Coach: Paulo Sousa

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