May 25, 2024

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It could be revenge for the club

It could be revenge for the club

NS flamingo won Atlético PR By 3-0 this Sunday by Brazilian. After the match, President Rodolfo Landim made a statement and expressed his “deep indignation” at the Brazilian Football Confederation, which backed down and decided not to postpone the team’s matches with the athletes who had been called up to their national teams anymore.

“It could be revenge from the club. Not from the Brazilian Football Confederation, which we talk to daily, but from another football federation that we cannot see, which from the outside seems to act with great force, in the sense of working against all those who seek to raise their voices to improve Brazilian football,” the president said, referring to outside interference in the entity.

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“Flamengo went to the Brazilian Football Confederation, we had very good technical discussions. We evaluated all possible aspects related to the stoppage, the players vacation time, all the commitments made previously, and we saw the possibility of extending these dates until the 26th. This will only affect two teams, Copa do Braisl finalists Until the 19th of the First Division, the remaining 18 teams, which were not in the Copa do Brasil final, could take leave on the 19th, this would give them a month off and allow us to get A fairer calendar, which did not have major problems of breaking equality. This was agreed with the Common Frontier Force,” explained Landim.

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“They ended up coming back and that causes deep resentment in us. He complained that if there was so much talk about equality, about the balance of competition, about evaluating national competitions, it was really unacceptable.”

“We talk a lot about isonomy, if there was a lot of discussion about the presence of the crowd in the stadium, it was a battle in which Flamengo was involved. If we say that the crowd can influence the outcome of the match, then imagine that you lose your key players as it always happens with some clubs, especially Flamengo” , said Landim.

He continued, “We called some players to play 12 matches, which affected at least 10 matches here, some of them even came back injured, and got 16 matches.”

“Flamengo is committed not only to its fans, but to Brazilian football, to invest to form a team that includes the best potential athletes. The natural thing is for these athletes to be selected to participate in their country’s selections. There is a rule that is followed all over the world, and unfortunately it is not followed here in Brazil, from the histories of FIFA, precisely so that there is equality in the tournaments, and that the tournaments are paralyzed,” in short Landim.

The Brazilian Confederation has retracted its decision to postpone matches for teams that include team members at the request of the athletes’ representatives from 19 Serie A clubs, with the exception of Flamengo, so as not to prejudice the players’ holidays.

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