May 18, 2024

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In Bate-Papo BBB, Vinicius on Eliezer's jealousy of Natalia: "I forced him to anger him" |  BBB Chat

In Bate-Papo BBB, Vinicius on Eliezer’s jealousy of Natalia: “I forced him to anger him” | BBB Chat

Delete from BBB 22, Vinicius Participate in the chat BBB To assess your situation at home. In an interview with Rafa Kaliman, the brother was asked about the truth of it Eliezeryour friend, related Natalia. Was there a change? answer.

“I wasn’t jealous, we just joked about it. I told her, ‘I’m going to pretend I’m angry just to see his reaction.’ There was no malice. In admiring the person, I didn’t have that kind of interest”he explains.

Jealous of friendship? presenter asks # redbebe.

Vinicius laughs: “I forced his jealousy, there is always a little of course. I forced him to piss him off.”

Rafa Kaliman also wants to know what Vinicius is, being so close to the two, and what he thinks of the relationship. He rates the couple as “very troubled”, but “cute”. “They were on fire, literally”previous jokesBBB.

As Vinicius mentioned the moment when I had to get Natalia’s condoms in stock, moments before her engagement to Eliezer in the bedroom. “I guess she didn’t really find it, I was the housekeeper,” he analyzes.

And of course, he faces this moment with amusement: “I felt like I was in a hole in that moment. To get condoms for others, you should have called me before other things.”

Finally, Vinicius thinks he was at odds with Natalia over the vote, but the two resolved themselves.

He concludes, “There was an exchange of pokes, but then we made a decision. I didn’t want to leave the place and leave a quarrel, friction with anyone.”

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