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In search of a tetra, the Atlético-MG U-20 team appeared in Cuba São Paulo;  Find out who is watching |  Athlete - mg

In search of a tetra, the Atlético-MG U-20 team appeared in Cuba São Paulo; Find out who is watching | Athlete – mg

It’s not the pro team yet, but the 2022 football season is open. Atletico MG. On Sunday, Jallow’s Under-20 team made their debut in the Sao Paulo Junior Soccer Cup, the most important youth tournament in the country. Galenio will meet Desportivo Alianca El at 20:45 (GMT) at the Gilberto Sequeira López Stadium in Lens, Sao Paulo. The game is broadcast on SportTV and Real Time on Give.

Atletico are fourth in the Copeña Championship, along with Desportivo Alianca-Al, Andera-AC and Lenins-SP. The two best teams in the group advance to the second stage, where the competition begins in the “jungle” format, with elimination matches only.

Galenho U-20 finishes preparations for his debut in Copa São Paulo – Photo: Divulgação / Atlético

Atletico have been in Linz since Saturday. in everything , Alfinegra delegation It includes 49 people, including the cast, staff and technical committee. The group of 28 athletes is led by coach Marcos Valadares.

Everyone is very motivated to be able to experience the São Paulo Cup, a traditional competition and of great importance in training young talents. We will fight hard to deserve the results – coach Marcos Valadares points out.

Volante Neto and striker Savinho, the main gems, will not take part in Copina – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico MG

Thus, the highlighting of the group in Lins is due to Half RobbinsGalenio’s top scorer at base in 2021 and one of the club’s greatest promises today. Next to him, look at the attacker Louise Philip e Felipe Felicio, who were part of 2021 merged with the main cast.

In the last friendly played at the end of 2021, Galinho crushed America-MG with a score of 5-1, and Luis Felipe, Julio Cesar, Guilherme Santos, Matthews Araujo and Vitor Lima scored Alfinegro’s goals. Depending on the lineup for that match, the team that will likely debut will have:

Gabriel Delphim Carlos Daniel, Cowie, Leo Simone and Tomaz; Daniel, Gabriel Santos, Julio Cesar and Rubens; Louise Philip and Felipe Felicio.

Robbins, Atlético-MG’s top scorer midfield – Photo: Bruno Sousa/Atlético-MG

Just like last year, the tournament has 32 brackets and 128 teams. The final will take place at Pacaembu Stadium, on January 25, the date of the 468th anniversary of the city of São Paulo.

O Galo is the three-time champion of the competition (1975, 1976 and 1983) and the champion of the São Paulo Junior Football Cup (1994).

  • goalkeepers: Gabriel Delphim, Christian, Gabriel Attila, Vinicius.
  • Aspects: Carlos Daniel (LD), Hamilton (LD), Luis Fernando (LE), Thomaz (LE).
  • Defenders: Cowie, Hebert, Leo Simone, Romulo.
  • stockings: Caio Motta, Emmanuel, Daniel, Gabriel Souza, Julio Cesar, Rubens, Vitinho, Jan, Alexander, Vitor Lima.
  • Attackers: Diego Acosta, Felipe Felicio, Guilherme Santos, Kian, Luiz Felipe and Matthew Araujo.