June 21, 2024

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Stars with Covid, the Flamengo plan and more: the latest in football

Stars with Covid, the Flamengo plan and more: the latest in football

Credit: Disclosure – PSG / Disclosure – XP / Alexandre Vidal – Flamengo

After a period of stabilization, new cases of coronavirus continue to be discovered. Thus, two of the aces, Messi and Ronaldo, have been confirmed injured and are in isolation. While the Argentine will not be able to appear again at Paris Saint-Germain, the phenomenon will miss an important date in Sea trip.

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Messi with COVID-19

Exist in Argentina, Messi will not be able to perform in Paris Saint-Germain The expected date of infection with the Corona virus. This way, your flight will not be released until after the illness is cured.

Ronaldo is tainted too

Meanwhile, in Brazil, Ronaldo had the same diagnosis. Because of this, the new owner of Sea trip, who is in isolation, will miss the club’s 101st birthday party.

Fan Token Cruise launched

The presale of the Cruzeiro Fan Token was a success, selling for over R$4 million in just a few minutes. If you didn’t buy the CRZ during pre-order, you can still buy it at the official launch! Sign up so you don’t miss out.


Despite the midfielder’s failure in the Libertadores final, the board maintains its position by closing the purchase deal mid-year. In this scenario, behind the scenes, there is already a plan to conclude the deal with Manchester United.

“Shock” interferes with the athlete’s interest in Jesus

The Portuguese, who is free on the market, is Gallo’s first target to take over the squad, but experience with Jorge Sampaoli makes the club adopt caution in the current negotiations.

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Destino de Halland

The Borussia Dortmund striker, who is highly regarded in the market, has revealed speculation about the European football giants, that he prefers the league he intends to play in the future.

The flamingo embarked on justice

Paulinho started a legal dispute with the Rio team over the non-payment of alimony to his ex-wife, as the 32,000 Brazilian riyals should have been transferred to his daughter.

waving a flamingo

Due to the sales of João Lucas, Max and Bill, flamingo 2022 began with the supply of treasuries, which will contribute to achieving the established budget goal.

MG . Sports Monitor Followers

With Junior Alonso and Nathan Silva close to negotiating European football, Gallo is watching the market for good options, considering defenders to be the team’s primary duo.

A crisis not Chelsea?

After giving a controversial interview, Lukaku started a backstage crisis at Chelsea. So Thomas Tuchel decided to remove the Belgian from facing Liverpool.

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