September 25, 2023

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In the US, 50 million people are on alert for blizzards and floods |  National Magazine

In the US, 50 million people are on alert for blizzards and floods | National Magazine

Snow storm hit the east coast of United State It affected millions of Americans on Monday (17).

Entire cities are white. From above, where the snowstorm has already passed, the view is calm. But for those who found themselves on the road, in the midst of a storm, the situation was completely different. A truck skidded off the road and overturned (see video above).

In North Carolina, two people died in another car accident. There were over 600 on Sunday (16) alone.

The blizzard has left 50 million Americans on high alert. More than 1,600 flights have been canceled across the country – Including flights that were supposed to depart from Brazil for a distance United State This Sunday night (16). On Monday morning, the Charlotte, North Carolina airport was empty.

in a Nova YorkSnow that stopped falling during the day returned early Monday evening. In many American places, it was followed by rain. When it rains, temperatures are very low, and water can freeze and affect electrical power cables. That’s what happened in South Carolina there and in ten other states, 200,000 people are still without electricity.

Where the storm has passed, the residents are now working with the help of machines, so that everything will return to normal as quickly as possible.

The Meteorological Service expects more snow this week and the possibility of flooding in coastal areas.

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