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Integrated Dermatology: Tips for sticking to a treatment that goes beyond the skin - Marie Claire Magazine

Integrated Dermatology: Tips for sticking to a treatment that goes beyond the skin – Marie Claire Magazine

Integrated Dermatology: The skin, body and mind are the focus of treatment (Image: Getty Images)

How many times have you heard that to have healthy skin it is important to drink plenty of water and get balanced diet? For years, the Department of Dermatology has been technically monitoring patients, treating specific issues with the goal of solving specific skin problems. However, many clinicians today adhere to “integral dermatology” or “integrated beauty”, which aims at a broader care in relation to body and mind.

In this bias, the focus of treatment is the patient and not the reclusive executioner. Therefore, the suggestion is to use traditional treatments along with behavioral care, promoting overall health, thus affecting the skin in a positive way.

Dermatologist Julianna Neva, who works according to Integrated Dermatology, has compiled some tips that provide benefits for skin, body and mind. a look:

1. Take care of your health In general, the skin is an organ of our bodies and is a reflection of how we are on the inside. To have beautiful skin, you must be healthy above all else.

2. Doing physical activities that are beneficial to you, as it helps fight oxidative stress, which is responsible for premature aging

3. Integral beauty understands beauty as the result of a virtuous cycle between physical and mental health and well-being, so taking care of the mind is always a good thing to do. Find moments of relaxation, such as activities yogaAnd the contemplation And anything else that allows you to disconnect.

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4A Food is a strong ally The health of our bodies and our skin. I always recommend my patients to strive for a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals that work for the benefit of the body.

5. Finally, always strengthen The importance of sunscreenwhich should be used every day and reapplied every 3 hours. In addition to blemishes and photoaging, it is responsible for the prevention of skin cancer.

In addition, there are techniques that treat the skin without negative effects on the body or the environment, which also fit the proposal of integrative dermatology. “Today we have the possibility to use products with fewer preservatives, as well as products with nanotechnology, which is also very useful because it provides a more firm delivery of the active substances,” explains Juliana. “Another advance is the multifunctional products which, by having different functions, facilitate patient compliance and deliver more comprehensive results.”

“I could give an example of Syndet, a technology used in soap, which provides less cleansing of the product, and leaves skin clean with less drying, which can help sensitive skin, or those with atopic dermatitis, for example,” the doctor says. . “Overall, the products have made very interesting progress, especially here in Brazil, where we have more and more products developed for our climate and for Brazilian skin,” he concludes.