May 30, 2024

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iOS 14.4 will allow;  I know how

iOS 14.4 will allow; I know how

friends Iphone Since the beginning of the epidemic, from the face recognition system of iOS. This is because Face IDtechnology in devices An apple Since 2017, with the launch of iPhone Xdoes not recognize faces wearing masks.

This is because the device has more precise safety steps. However, in the nearly two years of the epidemic and the frequent use of masks, the process has become inconvenient for many consumers, who are forced to resort to digital code to unlock their mobile phones. Soon, however, this problem should be resolved.

The new beta version of the operating system Iphone, iOS 15.4 beta, has a setting that allows you to use only the eye area as Face ID. Thus, the use of masks does not interfere with unlocking.

Journalist Brandon Butch posted on his Twitter profile what the new Face ID menu will look like. According to the image, you can read that Apple warns that facial recognition using the user’s entire face is more secure, but they can still choose eye recognition.

According to 9to5Mac, the new version is only available for those using the beta version of iOS 15.4 on iPhone 12 and 13. The problem will decrease, but it won’t completely go away for those using an older model if Apple doesn’t release more devices.

It should be noted that an earlier version of this update in tests with developers allowed to unlock Iphone with the mask As long as you’re using an Apple Watch paired cell – dungeon.

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