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iOS 15.1 arrives with Share Play functionality and iPhone 13;  See the news |  Operating systems

iOS 15.1 arrives with Share Play functionality and iPhone 13; See the news | Operating systems

Hey update iOS 15.1 Arrived on Monday (25th) for mobiles Iphone (iOS). With the update, smartphones An apple Get the new Shareplay mode, which lets you watch movies or listen to shared music with friends. In addition, there is news of the brand’s latest model, which is iPhone 13 Pro Max, with the release of the ProRes encoding feature.

iOS 15 on iPhone 13 – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

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Shareplay was one of Most expected functionality of the update iOS. With this new feature, iPhone users will be able to share streaming movies, series, music, games and other media with their friends directly through apps from services like Disney +. The option was initially offered in June, at Apple’s annual conference, the WWDC Conference 2021, which is especially interesting for those who have contacts or family members who live in remote locations.

In addition, with the 15.1 update, iOS also allows you to record videos using the Apple ProRes codec on iPhone 13 Pro Max quality, with a resolution of up to 5K.

Another interesting feature that iOS 15.1 has brought is the ability to access the Covid-19 vaccination card directly through the native Wallet app. This way, iPhone users will get a facilitator when accessing proof of vaccination, which previously could only be accessed through the app Connect SUS. However, it should be noted that in order for the functionality to actually be available in Brazil, the Ministry of Health must first and foremost integrate your system with the application’s API.

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The OS update was released on September 20th on all smartphones after the release of iPhone 6s (See below for a full list of models receiving the update.) With the news on Monday, users who upgraded to iOS 15 will not be able to go back to a version of iOS 14 or to previous versions of the system.

iOS 15 Compatible Models

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Discover the new functions of iOS 15