May 26, 2024

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iPhone 14 promises better selfies even in low light;  Learn how

iPhone 14 promises better selfies even in low light; Learn how

New rumors about selfies of Iphone 14: The new front camera smart phoneApple Inc., which Apple will launch later this year, should receive tech touches and hit the market more aggressively, taking better photos even in low-light environments.

The information is in a file Posted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, They are known to create huge market holes – and they usually pay off.

The iPhone 14 selfie camera will have a larger aperture compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, which currently has an f/2.2 aperture. In photography, the lower this number, the greater the ability of the lens to open the diaphragm, which allows more light to enter and generate clearer images.

Although the aperture numbers are not disclosed, this practically means that it will be possible to capture moments in better photos despite the low light conditions.

Autofocus and color correction

Another change would be to include autofocus (AF), compared to its predecessors, with a fixed focus (FF). With this, selfies and video recordings will allow instant adjustments to be made while the smartphone user is on the move.

In addition, the camera will have a six-layer plastic lens (6 am) on the sensor, instead of five (5 am), as in the previous models. An additional layer of polymer corrects chromatic aberrations – the differences between colors in the real photo and in the photo.

But not only this. Previous reports suggested that the “Pro” models of the iPhone 14 would be more powerful, with a 48-inch main rear camera module. Megapixels. to me Site mashHowever, it is still unclear if this will also apply to the selfie camera.

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The front camera will also have a different look, with a pill-shaped cutout instead of the previous iPhone’s shape at the top of the screen.

Changes since 2019

The last major update to the front camera for iPhone came in 2019 when iPhone 11 The Pro was launched with a 12MP selfie camera. At that time, its predecessor had 7 mega pixels. Since then, the specifications of this part of the smartphone have hardly received any significant changes.

In the report, there were no details on the expected megapixel numbers for the front camera of the iPhone 14.

With information from Mashable and 9to5Mac